LeoTech Weapon: The Spam Projection Cannon


Min: 3


Medium: 9-16

Long: 17-24

Tonnage: 5 tons

Crit Space: 2 Crits

Damage: 12 points

Ammo per ton: 15 cans of spam

Heat: 3 points

Cost: 250,000 C-bills

Rules: Ammo can jam with this weapon, but the weapon nor the ammo can explode.

Info about the weapon itself:

It is a remake of the Particle Projection Cannon. Enhancing the range and power of the weapon only at the cost of having ammo.


The project of making the personal Spam Projection Cannon into a 'mech version began in late 3020 when LeoTech was still called Leo and Leo Inc.. After four years, a prototype was ready for a test run. Vincent Leo decided to take this in a test run against a fellow spam weapon maker named David Karintha in a match where the winner got both businesses. Vincent Leo won the match after melting Karintha's cockpit with a alcohol flamer. He hit a few shots with the Spam Projection Cannon. Vincent complained of problems shooting the weapon and ammo jamming. It took then LeoTech six more years to fix this problem. The final test was having a paid pilot take a modified Crusher against a CRSHR-2. It took about five minutes, but the modified Crusher with some SPCs won. Vincent made it available to anyone who was willing to use the weapon.

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VI Leo 5-30-2003