LeoTech Weapon: Compact Short Range Missile-2


Min: 0


Medium: 3-4

Long: 5-6

Tonnage: 1 ton

Crit Space: 3 per Crits

Damage: 2 points per missile

Ammo per ton: 50 shots

Heat: 2 points per launcher

Cost: 50,000 C-bills per launcher

Rules: This weapon functions almost exactly like a standard SRM-2, other than the 3 per crit.

Info about the weapon itself:

This weapon is a remake of the SRM-2.


Late one night in 3060, Vincent Leo was brainstorming.  All of a sudden, he came up with the idea of a compact SRM-2 launcher to get rid of the SRM ammo faster than normal.  The final version came out later in 3060.  Vincent was happy with the weapon

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VI Leo 5-30-2003