This was written about three months ago, when LeoTech was still called Leo and Leo Inc.

     It all started one day at Skippy's Fern Bar. Leo and Leo Inc has been the number one company for spam weapons for some time now. VI Leo is just sitting in his side booth, sipping his Marik Brew Beer, and reading some files. Four men, wearing Karintha Inc. Spam Weapons uniforms, come into the bar. Karintha Inc. Spam Weapons is the #2 company in spam weaponry.

"VI Leo," One of the men says with a dark voice, "Come with us"

VI Leo stands up and looks over at the men and ask, "Why?"

"Mr. Karintha wants to talk to you," Says one of the men.

"I refuse to go," VI Leo says.

"Then we will make you go," the same man says. The men start advancing on VI Leo. VI Leo makes a quick move to get his Spam Projection Cannon. He gets it before he gets attacked. One of the men makes a lunge at VI Leo. VI Leo moves like a cat and gets out of the way. VI Leo points the SPC at one of the men and fires. A direct hit, nearly killing him. VI Leo then does this to the other three men. VI Leo then sends a comstar message to one of the other companies he owns. Within two minutes, the bodies of the four men are out of the bar and the bar looks like it is brand new. VI Leo then goes back to drinking his Marik Brew Beer and reading files.

VI Leo starts walking around the bar. In one corner of the bar he notices a rather sizable box. VI Leo goes over to it. He looks at it carefully and notices a analog timer on it. He sees that he has about 5 minutes to disarm it. He works swiftly but carefully not to let it go off. He cuts the blue wire, then the green wire, and then the purple wire. Leo checks the bomb-like device and notices he has about 30 seconds left. He notices a rather protected red wire in the back. It is being guarded by motion detector beams. He carefully moves a pair of tweezers to past the motion detector beams. He clips the red wire with 10 seconds left. Leo thens lets out a big breath of air. The box that was formally the bomb blows open. Leo takes out a paper from the remains of the box. It reads, "Have fun with your new stench. <signed> Mr. Karintha." "What does that mean?" Leo asks. Two seconds later, a box blows open from the other side of the bar filled with 30 year old spam. The room is covered in rotten spam that smells like rotten eggs. "MR. KARINTHA!!!!" Leo yells.

A dozen security personnel for Karintha Inc. Spam Weapons walk through the door. A moment later, Mr. Karintha, a medium sized man with medium length black hair who is wearing a very nice new suit, walks through the door. VI Leo looks over at Mr. Karintha and just sits at his booth. "Vincent Leo!" Mr Karintha says as he walks to VI Leo's booth. When Mr. Karintha gets to VI Leo's booth, Leo asks, "David Karintha, what brings you here today other than your overpaid employees?" "Har har," David Karintha says. Karintha then goes to a more serious tone. "You know what brings me here today, you wanted to talk to me." "I sure did," Leo says, "I want this Spam War to end." "And how do you want this to end?" Karintha asks. "A one on one battle," Leo says, "to see who has better technology" "Well," Karintha says, "Perhaps we should make a small wager on this battle." "How about both companies on the line?" Leo asks. "That works," Karintha says, "but i was thinking of something more. Maybe some more to risk." "I get your drift," Leo says, "Lets pull together a sizable bet and meet back here in 48 hours." "Ok," Karintha says as he gets up from his booth seat, "Until we meet again, goodbye." Leo nods to Karintha as he leaves the bar. Leo just sits there a moment. He then gathers up all his stuff and goes to his Jenner. He then goes back home to put together a bet.

Vanessa L. Leo (Vincent Leo's sister) walks into the bar and approaches Mr. Karintha, who has been in here for two hours at least.

"Sorry about the wait," Vanessa says, "but my brother had some mech problems and will be here in 3...2...1..."

"AAAHHHH!!!" A man says who just came from the ceiling. The man removes his mask and a black protective suit to show that he is VI Leo (Vincent Leo).

"Sorry about that," Vincent says, "We ran out of Davion Brew Beer and I can't get enough for at least another hour." Vincent is completely sober.

"Lets get this done with," Karintha says.

"Ok," Vincent says, "My offer is my whole spam industry, all the copyrights, and anything that may keep you from making my spam equipment, plus five years of my sister's 'services' AND the planet made completely of Spam, I might as well place that on the line since i may never make another spam weapon." Silence fills the room as David Karintha puts together his offer. "Oh forgot one thing," Vincent says, "My Triple platinum, triple gold, triple platinum, triple gold, first bank of solaris credit card with a limit of a regiment of Atlases." David Karintha finishes putting together his offer.

"My offer is similar to yours," Karintha says, "My entire spam industry, my oceanside house, and all copyrights and everything that may constrict you. I must be on my way now... Until we meet again...." Mr. Karintha walks out of the bar. Vanessa starts her way out.

"Wait a second sis," Vincent says, "Send my mech over here using that new system controls when the beer gets there," Vanessa nods to Vincent and walks out of the bar and into her Locust. Vincent walks over to his side booth and sits down. He lets out a sigh of relief as he jarred his back horribly when he landed. The bartender walks over to Vincent, Vincent takes out his credit card to pay for the roof.

The huge TV in the bar turns over to the Solaris Mech Arena station. "It is time for the main even," The announcer named Eric Shavonte said, "This week, it features two mech weapons makers. Vincent Leo and David Karintha. This match will be KarinthaTech Vs. LeoTech for the ownership of both industries. The only rule is that it goes until one's mech cannot go any farther, even if it means the pilot's death. There is a 40 ton weight limit. The match is ready." The cameras go to the battlefield. The screen shot shows a modified Jenner facing a modified Assassin.

"The odds on favorite is Karintha because he has gotten one week of intensive training, but remember that Leo was at one time a Master in the Solaris arenas." The two mechs starts approaching each other Leo's mech, the modified Jenner, gets within range and starts firing Spam Projection Cannons. Karintha Mech moves out of the way and fires a rotten spam flamer. Leo's mech moves out of the way and fires a alcohol flamer, scorching the chest of Karintha's mech badly. Leo's mech tries to fire, but misses badly because of the heat buildup from the flamers. Karintha's mech fires a few rounds of spam from his spam machine gun, doing enough damage to take out a critical piece of equipment in the CT of Leo's mech. Leo's mech makes a last ditch shot at Karintha's mech with a SPC and the alcohol flamer. The can of spam hits Karintha's mech right in the head, severely damaging it and the alcohol flamer hits the head, melting the cockpit, while Karintha's in it. Karintha was dead on the spot. Leo's mech stops moving. Inside of his mech... "open already," Leo says while pounding on a button. "This stupid thing won't open." The roof of his mech opens and Leo climbs out and on top of his mech. "This is such a nice day..." VI Leo says as another mech comes to drag his mech back.

A few hours later, VI Leo gets back to the bar. "All drinks are on me!" Vincent says happily because of him getting Karintha Inc. He switches the station over to a court TV channel. "How do you plead?" The judge says. "Guilty," the suspect says, "Innocent, guilty, innocent, guilty..." The suspect starts fighting himself. A few minutes later, the suspect is under control. "We have decided, your honor." the suspect says, "we plead temporary insanity." After seeing this, Leo goes over to his booth and starts laughing.

VI Leo 5-30-2003