This story was originally posted December 18th, 1999 to Skippy's Fern Bar on AOL. This story was slightly revised since the posting, mostly for tense errors.

The Blue Rose

By VI Leo


November 14, 3025 [2]
Solaris City, Solaris
Leo's office, LeoTech Solaris Headquarters
Approx. 2:30 P.M.

     "You realize that you have been employed by LeoTech for ten months?" Vincent asked the person sitting across from him.
     Jon Beaver responded, "It's been that long? Wow... Where has all the time gone?"
     "To our 'mechs?"
     They chuckled. The training for the delayed and now cancelled tournament [3] had continued for most of the time during most of this time, with a few breaks to recover from the battles. Unfortunately, Vincent has not heard anything from his fiancé during this whole time.

     "So what are we going to do today?" Jon queried.
     As Vincent was about to reply, a knocking was heard at the door.
     "Get that for me, Jon."
     Jon Beaver got up from his seat and opens the door. A deliveryman hands him a pot of flowers. Jon gave the deliveryman a tip and closed the door.

     "Where should I put these?"
     "Just put them somewhere on the desk." Vincent replied.
     Jon put them down while Vincent started staring at the plant.
     The awkward silence started to get to Jon. "Is there something you want to tell me about this plant?"
     Vincent nodded and started explaining, "Once, while I was on Terra, a florist friend told me about a legend of a blue rose. What he told me was that a blue rose was impossible to find. With the level of technology now, I doubt we that we can manipulate flowers so we can produce Blue Roses. I believe the person who sent these has great resources and found it."
     "Then who would do this?"
     "I have no clue."

November 14, 3025
Solaris City, Solaris
Leo's house
About 6:00 P.M.

     Vincent opened the door to his house. He walked in and flipped the light switch on the right side of the doorway to turn on the lights. He looked around for a moment.
     "And he strikes again."
     The room was covered with blue roses. Among all the roses, a white card was waiting to be read. Vincent walked over to it, picked it up, and starting read it. After he finished reading it, he walked out.

November 15, 3025
Solaris City, Solaris
Roof of the Mechwarrior bar
9:00 P.M

     After trying to get up on the roof for fifteen minutes, Vincent was tired of trying to get on the roof. The door finally gave and Vincent went stumbling through. He saw a person in a white outfit that did not show physical features well and a fencing mask. On the chest of the top was a blue rose.
     "Who are you?" Vincent asked the individual in more of a shouting tone.
     No response.
     "Why are you doing this?"
     No response.
     "Why did you drag me here?"
     The masked individual took out two swords. He tossed one of them over to Vincent. It was a katana that was taken from Vincent's house. Vincent unsheathed the sword and prepared himself for his opponent. His opponent slowly walked in, readied his sword, and, by surprise, quickly moved in with a quick knee to the gut, a quick slash to the katana, disarming Vincent, and a leg sweep.
     Vincent closed his eyes. With that horrible performance, Vincent thought, I deserve to die. I just don't want to watch it end.
     The masked assailant walked over to Vincent, removed the mask, and kissed Vincent on the lips. Vincent opened his eyes and saw Amy Smith, his fiancée. Amy started giggling. [4]
     "You really had me going..." Vincent started.
     "You had no clue," Amy interrupted, "I've never seen one person sweat so much in such a short period. I've only heard of worse, and that was supposedly in a math class..."
     "So you are back for good?" Vincent asked, wiping off the sweat from his face.
     Amy nodded.
     "Lets go home."
     They went home to recover from this little ordeal.

[1]: Author's notes: I would have had this posted sooner, but circumstances have prevented this (Lack of a good Word Processor (Now have Word 2000), general laziness on my part, and a Hard Drive formatting is part of it).
[2]: Almost put 3024, but forgot that I changed in January to 3025 because it wasn't coming, or so we thought. I'll probably stick with 3025 for a while, besides a little jumping around for story purposes.
[3]: Or are we going to do it?
[4]: Brownie points to the person who can figure out what I referenced.

VI Leo 5-30-2003