Due to writing an April Fool's story this year, I thought I should give you a little preview by posting the last one on here.
VI Leo

LeoTech Press Area, LeoTech HQ
Solaris City, Solaris VII
April 1, 3024
Six p.m.

     In the late afternoon on a balmy spring day on Solaris VII, a press conference of significant importance was called by Vincent Leo. The press area was filled with hundreds of media personnel from all over Solaris and surrounding planets. As Vincent looked out on the audience, he took a deep breath and reassured himself this was the right thing to do.
     You have been called here on an important matter concerning LeoTech, Vincent said into the microphone. I have called you all here to tell the universe that I have sold LeoTech. Michael, come over here. An average sized man wearing very old and dirty clothes walked over to Vincent. I have sold LeoTech to Michael here for two C-bills, a 25-year-old can of Spam, and a bucket of fish heads. I hope he does great things to this company that I have. The media has gotten very anxious and made a lot of noise.
     After letting it sink in for a moment, Vincent said, "April fools," and left the room.

Originally written: 4-1-1998.
Originally Posted here: 3-25-2000.
Last Modified: 5-30-2003.